Investors and shareholders information

Dear shareholder! JSC "OGK-2" is responsible for the maintenance and storage of the register of shareholders in accordance with the legal acts of the Russian Federation

In accordance with the requirements of the Federal Law No. 115-FZ of August 7, 2001 "On Counteracting Legalization (Laundering) of Proceeds from Crime and Financing of Terrorism", a person registered in the register of shareholders of the Company is recommended to update the information about himself, his representatives as well as beneficial owners and beneficiaries in a timely manner, but at least once a year (for individuals: full name, passport data, registered address as shown in the passport; for legal entities: name, PSRN, TIN, registered office address as shown in the Articles of Incorporation, full name of CEO).

Persons registered in the register of shareholders of the Company are responsible, among other things, for providing the Registrar with information about any changes in the following:


For an individual:

  • full name;
  • citizenship;
  • type, number, series, date and place of issue of the identity document as well as the name of the authority that issued the document;
  • year and date of birth;
  • place of residence (registration);
  • mailing (postal) address;
  • specimen signature of the owner of the securities.

For a legal entity:

  • full name of the organization in accordance with its Articles of Incorporation ;
  • state registration number and name of the registration authority, date of registration;
  • business address;
  • mailing address;
  • phone number, fax number (if available);
  • email address (if available);
  • seal imprint and specimen signatures of officials who, in accordance with the  Articles of Incorporation, are authorized to act on behalf of a legal entity without powers of attorney.

For all registered persons (both individuals and legal entities):

  • category of the registered person (individual or legal entity);
  • taxpayer identification number (if any);
  • form of dividends earned on securities (cash or non-cash);
  • bank details for non-cash dividends;
  • method of delivery of extracts from the register (regular mail, registered mail, courier, in person at the registrar).
To verify and update your personal data, you need to contact the place of registration of your shares: the Registrar (JSC "DRAGA", Russian Federation, 117420, Moscow, Novocheremushkinskaya st., 71/32, tel. +7 (499) 550-88-18) or the Depository where you have an account. Timely made changes greatly simplify the shareholder's operations in the register, participation in general meetings and receipt of dividends.
Before contacting the Registrar for updating information, please complete the Personal Details Form and Questionnaire (the forms are posted on the Registrar's website ). Completed documents can be submitted either directly to the Registrar or through a transfer agent at: the list of transfer agents of DRAGA JSC (docx, 18 Кб)

In the event that a shareholder fails to provide information about any changes in their data, the Company and the Registrar shall not be liable for the incurred losses, including the losses resulting from non-receipt of dividends within the specified time and the losses incurred through claims from the tax authorities.

To ensure compliance with the requirements of the applicable laws, rules and regulations, the Issuer has taken a number of measures aimed at assisting registered persons in updating the register data. The website of JSC "DRAGA"  contains detailed information on additional options for registered persons who need to update personal data.